Ulf Vegas - The gentleman of the pop hit - was born on the 19th of July in Stade near Hamburg.
Already as a child music was his world. He played in his childhood various instruments, as for example percussion, guitar or keyboard.
As 16-year-old He inspired as a drummer or singer in the school tape the guests, or provided as a DJ for mood.
What began once as a hobby, Ulf Vegas because of love made the music to his additional occupation and remained the DJ scene till this day loyal.


In the beginning He collected the first experiences in another DJ team, until be He some years ago own, mobile DJ team founded. The DJ Ulf - team Stade.
Then after some years music experience and many contacts with other artists, Ulf Vegas decided to take up in 2010 own song. How it could be different, He tuned with his former producer this song exactly to Him. What would fit better to Ulf Vegas than "I am your DJ"?
This song was promoted by Rose Promotion during the doctorate tour of Ulf Vegas on Majorca and was connected with an appearance in the Mega park.
Also the next year the gentleman of the pop hit appeared again on Majorca when He was a guest in the Mega park on the radio Eller week once more.
Since then He stood with many name-like artists on the stage.


"I am your DJ" is available in all download main entrances and to find on known Majorca cds. Some are available even in trade.
In the meantime, Ulf Vegas has a complete stage programme what is always renewed and is extended. Therefore He is for 30 - 45 minutes bookable.
He inspires the audience with hits such as:

- Ich bin Euer DJ
- Charleene
- Du hast mir gerade noch gefehlt
- Vorbei ist vorbei
- Ruf die 112
- Ein Stern
- Fliegerlied
- Tränen lügen nicht
- 1001 Nacht

He stood already for various shooting before the camera as for example:

- Schlager to Go ( Deutsches Musikfernsehen )
- Dortmunder Fernsehgarten ( Center TV )
- Schlager Mixx ( Gute Laune TV )
- Die Musiktruhe ( Weser TV )

One knows the "gentleman of the pop hit" from TV, radio, interviews, from the press and from Majorca.
You find other information on the homepage: www.ulf-vegas.com