From Bavaria come the probably best known football association, the most sleek cars, the tastiest wheat beer and … NICKI. Her name is like a brand which stands for Bavarian joy of life with music. Their big hits "Wegen dir“, „I wär am liabsten mit dir ganz alloa“ and „Wenn i mit dir tanz“ as well as all at the head of course her „Bayerisches Cowgirl“ rose to the official „Bavarian cultural asset“ and announced the singer in the 80th all over the country.

NICKI everybody virtually knows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And this is a good thing too! Finally, we need, today more than ever, people who cannot be bent who have rough edges which are authentic and do not deny her roots, only because a dialect sounds non-conformist. Their great success lay and lies absolutely still today in her absolute authenticity:

Cheeky, lighthearted, in a good mood, incredibly, however, still charmingly normally! Even if she is meanwhile herself a mother of two sweet children, she still has this defeating youthful-fresh radiation. And swing brings once more properly her new album „So wie i“, in the hit parades and hit parades. The song *So wie i* is a typical NICKI hit which engraves textually immediately and easily joins on the squad of big musical jealousy dramas. „So wie i - wird sie nie“ one says in it and this we believe NICKI immediately, because this woman is really unique …!