The history "Vita" 2011
Our song  "Du bist so wie du wirklich bist"
  you can buy since January at:

In March 2011 NICEFIELD is excellent with the price


Our two songs
  "Amor y alegria" and "Wir Leben gern-eviva la vida"
  have been officially presented in March and are avaliable everywhere now.
In April the "NICEFIELD Fanclub Europa" is founded.
In the 4/15/2011 celebrate Susanna & Andreas with "friends and partners" the first meeting of the NICEFIELD Fanclub!

It was to be composed to us an affair of the heart, a song like our newest work "Wünsche"!
The official publication already receives in the 5/2/2011 for "Wünsche"!
In July, 2011 it was the time for a cover song!
The decision is on the title "Dime que tu quieres"
from "Barks Perez".

The original text became from the Spanish, from NICEFIELD,
  translates into German basically.
  Indeed, some text parts were also completely anew compiled
  and written, and then with the original text mixes.
Publication is in the 7/15/2011.

The history "vita" in 2010
It goes on at full speed!

The first fan club NICEFIELD is founded!

The NICEFIELD show "Zeit für die Liebe" is ready
and is bookable in three variations!
(30 min., 60 min., and 90 min)

Also for short appearances and show inserts on parties
are asked both more and more.

In the first annual quarter originates the song:
„Kräftige Herzen“

In May the songs:
"Du bist da - Tu estas aqui"
"Wir leben gern - eviva la vida"

It is founded:
the german-spanish Popschlager-Duo

In Decembre the Single
"Du bist so wie du wirklich bist"
in two versions has publication.

The history "vita" in 2009
If a very active year is for NICEFIELD!

In parallel with many successful GIG's as
Music duet, dance tape, wedding tape and party tape,
if Susanna and Andreas become more and more often than this
"German Spanish music duet" with your own shows booked!

Appearances and interviews follow at transmitters such as
SWR4, radio Colonia, hit radio North Rhine-Westphalia, radio MDU.

In the TV you was able to do the DUO-NICEFIELD with
"PRO7" and "TOMMY GUN TV" experience!

New songs originate such as
"Danke, dass es Liebe ist"

The party wreck:
"Hello, friends"

Our personal favorite song:
"Cupid Y alegria"

The profound work:
"Junge Adler"

The Eröfnungs title of our show:
"Zeit für die Liebe"

You can hear all titles in the most different web radio parades and their hit parades!


The history "vita" in 2008
In 2008 both NICEFIELD's become active as composers and script writers. Besides, you are supported by your colleague Peter Staab.

There originates the first hit single:
"The sky burns - corazones unidos"

There are two versions of it:
1) "The sky burns - corazones unidos" radio Edit
2) "The sky burns - corazones unidos" Mediterranean mix


The title generates dance mood and good mood purely.

It follows at the end of 2008, that love song:
"Ich bin dir so nah"

The history "vita" in 2004
As "a NICEFIELD" offer both stage shows touching from now on with vocal Brillianz, as well as a many-sided
and polyglot repertoire into German, English, Spanish
and Italian!

They interpret the nicest and best known pop hits, disco hits, hit hits and party hits of the big music stars of the last decades, as well as those of the topical hit parades!

Susanna & Andreas are as a music duet, dance, - show and party tape in Germany and the European neighbouring countries on the way.

Unplugged and in the tape sound!

When required the both are supported by guest musicians or an accompanying tape.

IN 2003
On grounds of the love and the nearness to his audience, Andreas takes to the road from now on again as a solo artist and unconventional solo entertainer with the name "Mr. Nicefield"!

Mr. Nicefield meets the spirited Spaniard
Both decide to continue themselves spontaneously together as a team

IN 2002
Wolfgang Krausgrill changes in another branch!
There remains a good friendship!

IN 2001
If the first cover CD NICEFIELD - "Do it yourself" originates
Production: Wolfgang Krausgrill (Wokra entertainment)

Do it yourself
Like a Butterfly
That's my girl

IN 2000
If is the origin year of NICEFIELD
Together founded from Wolfgang Krausgrill "Wokra of entertainment"
and Andreas Nicefield.

First NICEFIELD was thought as a Side - project for the solo artist
Andreas Nicefield.

During the development time, the visions of Wolfgang Krausgrill and Andreas Nicefield changed and one came to an agreement about that how to go music duet to the start.

From this time stands for NICEFIELD
the musical singer "Sophie Amadei"
and the pop musician "Andreas Nicefield".