Calling Frank Lavos of all friends and artist's colleagues affectionately Franky, the light of the big wide world saw in the 1/27/1970 in mountain Stol Rhl. near Aachen. His musical career already began with sweet 7 years when he got his first home organ to the Christmas and diligently songs of the cult broadcasting at that time "ZDF hit parade, or songs they were played on the radio, after played.

It do not read long on himself waiting, until he collected the first experiences on the big stage of the Rhenish carnival at the age of 11 years.
Parodies by Gottlieb Wendehals or child carnival speeches from the WEST GERMAN RADIO radio in the talent competition were accompanied.
Also the song presentations of known carnival hits which got big applause and a lot of words in carnival events were rehearsed Live.

Foundation with 5 friends of a carnival and dialect band where he operated as a Keyborder and front singer. Further it went approx. 6 years than president and program manager of a carnival association where he organised ladies' meetings, carnival pre-lunch drinks and events in the space Aachen known "summer bash" (big Ballermann party) also as a presenter and presented.