As Christian Lais in summer, 2008 his hit „Sie vergaß zu verzeih’n“
published, somebody still hardly knew him, he was valid long time as a confidential tip
of German hit.

However, at the latest since the hit the most successful radiohit in 2008 was and he created it up to place 67 of the single-sales charts, his fame has rapidly
increased. Whole eight weeks his single on place 1 of her asserted itself


Quite early grown up Christian started to be interested in Lörrach / Weil at the Rhine in the music and to arouse enthusiasm. At the age of seven years he learnt this
Accordion play and warbled - for want of a microphone - in a hairbrush the songs of the ZDF hit parade. At the age of 16 a friend without his knowledge announced him by a hit competition. As a result by the good criticism spurred on he took part in numerous other competitions and protected always to himself one of the foremost places.
With one of these competitions became of David Brandes - successful producer of Chris Norman, bath Bell-boys Blue, Vanilla Ninja and many other - on him attentive and used him with different productions as a Backroundsinger and studio singer of his new productions. At this time Lais already sang in different dance band as a Leadsinger and worked as a sales butcher to be able to finance his hobby to themselves. Finally, resolved to show itself own single of David Brandes with Christian Lais, always he was persuaded of his vocal qualities.
The debut single originated "Für immer", on substantial resonance in
Broadcasting company bumped. Thus were spurred on with „Tu Vincerai“, „Ich halte zu Dir“ and
„Ich hab Dich nie verloren“ other singles and the first TV appearances followed.


In 2008 wrote David Brand Christian Lais the already title mentioned on top
„Sie vergaß zu verzeih’n“ on the body. Only now Christian his decided
in the meantime he had learnt present occupation - the occupation of the office businessman
and worked in a coffee bar - to give up and to itself completely on
to concentrate his musical career: In November, 2008 appeared be
Debut album „Mein Weg“. With all other single extractions from this
Album was able to do to themselves Christian on both foremost places of the German ones
Format radio charts place, also with the Christmas title „Ein stiller Traum“ was he represent under the front places.


With his topical album Christian connects "Atemlos" to this success.
Also with the singles from this album Christian on the foremost places of the format radio charts landed.