Diligence and versatility are two attributes which fit quite seldom so well to somebody, like to our origin - the Austrian who has found his adoptive country in Germany. Almost endlessly the list of those for which he writes composes, or immediately both acts. Inexhaustibly the huge number of the live - appearances, radio - and TV appointments, or other presences which he knew to create. Thus nobody is probably surprised that he has developed to a firmly established, with pleasure seen and heard colleague of the branch who gets with his will and wealth of ideas over and over again to open new possibilities to himself. Even a man of the dance floor-filling, to easy to remember rhythms and melodies, nevertheless, he just has ear and talent in the area of quite different tones, as one can infer from the long list of the titles coming from him.

Anyhow we know them all, the songs Bert Silver personally eingesungen and has published. No disco - or gala dress evening without Bert and no sampler on he is to be found not and at the latest with one of his live - appearances somewhere in the country or maybe also on Majorca, then one feels himself the „ Flügel im Bauch“.

Bert Silver was born in Graz and takes pleasure, in the meantime, of the biggest popularity. The likeable man with moustache and elegant clothes style already experienced all facets of the music, he could present himself in hit parades, on television as well as on the radio and state.

To him a well-arranged serving of composer's blood also flows in the veins. Silver is responsible not only for his own pieces, because her works let a huge number of artists write with this and compose. In only 5 years Silver brought 14 pieces out which still biggest popularity please and are to be assigned to the genre of the classics. The music style of the musician is unique, because this waits in the hit environment over and over again with new hits for which also sometimes the usual frames sprinkle.

In an appearance of Silver one can be sure that always mood arises, because this knows to inspire it the audience not only by his music but also by his tasteful appearance. His songs have become, in the meantime, a firm size in the hit environment and have sold a million times. Bert Silver can claim to have built up a loyal audience, this is pulled by his music typical for hit with original and romantic texts in the spell. The success Silvers is not least due to his anchor of the music - the German.