Andalusia lies in the south of the Iberian peninsula. The expansion from the north to the south amounts to 251 kilometres, from west to the east 535 kilometres.

The autonomous region borders in the north on Kastilien-La Mancha, on the Extremadura, in the south to the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and in between still there lies the British oversea area Gibraltar. In the east the region borders on Murcia and in the west to the neighbouring country Portugal.

The most southern town of Andalusia is Tarifa, here the continents lie in Europe and in Africa only 14 kilometres, separate only through the street from Gibraltar. The best known beaches of the region are Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz (Spanish coasts).

The name Andalusia

"Al-Andalus" was the name which already the Moors occurring here in the 8th century use for the region.

A popular, but probably correct interpretation is not which would let lead back the Arabian Al-Andalus on the name of the vandals who came in the course of the migration in the 5th century also after Southern Spain.

Another interpretation is that "Al-Andalus" from "landa-hlauts" (spoken landalos) is derived, the Visigoths called the former Roman province, to distributed country Without country.

The third interpretation, Al-Andalus is derived from the Arabian Al an'dallus, in Arabic for a garden, an interpretation which makes sense if one considers the climatic relations in North Africa, from where the Moors in Andalusia had occurred around the fertile Iberian peninsula to conquer.