Commercial use of these data
I contradict a commercial use (also unsolicited advertisement etc.) on top as well as on all other sides to called e-mail addresses - as well as in particular the address - expressly.


In case of from disputes, competition to juridical or similar problems, I ask you, for the avoidance of unnecessary lawsuits and costs to contact me already in the approach. The cost mark of a juridical caution without preceding establishment of contact with me, is rejected for the purposes of the damage decrease duty as groundless.


Contents of the online - offer:
The publication of information on the Internet is carried out with the greatest possible care. The team still takes over from no guarantee for the actuality, correctness, completeness, quality and usability of the provided information. The liability claims against the person responsible of the side which or ideal kind itself material on damages cover which were caused by the use or disuse of the presented information or by the use of faulty and incomplete information are basically excluded, provided that mine is given seits no as can be proved deliberate or roughly careless fault. All offers are not-binding and non-binding. The team from reserves itself expressly to change parts of the sides or the whole offer without separate announcement, to complement, to extinguish or to put the publication at times or finally. 


Electronic communication by e-mail:
For the electronic communication by e-mail the following e-mail address was furnished: truckerhexe(At) In addition, you find in our Internet offer other e-mail addresses for single projects or activities. You can send e-mails also to these addresses. For safety reasons e-mails should be dispatched only in the text format.  


Validity of declarations of intention:
Electronic communication ways of this website, in particular by e-mail, are ready exclusively for inquiries, suggestions and other not legally binding communications. Should your message contain a suitable declaration of intention, a repetition of the transmission is necessary in writing on the post.  


Data protection:
Accesses to our web server are taken down only anonymously. Are grasped only the fact of the access and the called document. A relation on the person of the user is excluded on every case. The protocol data are stored and evaluated statistically. Provided that within our Internet offer the possibility for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) exists, the revelation of these data occurs through the users and female users expressly voluntarily. The claim and payment of all offered services is possible - so far technically possibly and reasonably - also without information of such data or under information of anonymous data or a pseudonym. By the call of the side a session Cookie is put which holds on the identity of the browser meeting on your computer and is extinguished after the end of the browser meeting again by your computer. This information is not available by later browser meetings any more.


All texts, pictures and graphics and sound documents are protected by copyright and are allowed neither reproduces, nor are reused or for commercial purposes are used. The electronic, typographical or other takeover and reproduction of the reproached information, texts, pictures, to graphic representations etc. by third is permitted only with written approval of the legal owner. This is also valid for the admission in electronic data banks and the duplication on CD-ROM, DVD etc.


External links:
Cross-references (external links, hyperlinks) on all contents held ready by other suppliers lie beyond the control and influencing control. Therefore, the side operator expressly dissociates himself from all contents of tied up sides. The supplier of the side to which is expelled sticks alone for unlawful, faulty or incomplete contents and in particular for the damages which originate from the use or disuse of such information.