I. Universal

Exclusively our below performed conditions are valid for all contracts effected with us and appointment ends. Of it divergent agreements and shopping terms - even if the principal has given the order to his own shopping terms - have only validity if they are confirmed by us in writing.
Should one of these conditions for any reason be invalid, this does not cause the invalidity of the remaining conditions as well as the concluded and confirmed contract.
Also following terms of sale and terms of delivery are valid for all other orders given in running business connection.


II. Offer, completion of the contract, terms of delivery

1.) prices and delivery times of our offers are not-binding.
2.) The effective realisation of a bill of sale needs our written confirmation of order. If we give no written confirmation of order or contract, the order implementation or the calculation granting is on a par with this.
3.) alterations of contract and-aufhebungen need to your validity always of our written confirmation. The damages which originate from wrong order or from faulty transmission of orders from the principal go to his loads.
4.) of The organizers undertakes to provide for an undisturbed expiry of the event and for the security of the artists. Every damage to equipment and instruments which originates as a result of a coarse carelessness of the organizer is made good by   the organizer to the replacement value of the devices.
5.) Any sound recordings and picture recordings wärend of the performance of our shows need the permission of the artist or the agency Angelina Innocente
6.) The rights of the buyer from this contract are not transferable.
7.) The organizer carries  the weather - and company risk.
8.) possible Return engagements have to to be booked only over the agency Angelina Innocente.
9.) defaults causes interests on arrears.
10.) GEMA or SGAE costs carries the organizer. The artist pays tax on himself. Deductions may not be carried out.
11.) of The organizers explains that he has to pay a conventional penalty by height of the agreed fee to the contractor if he disowns the contract solution caused or against essential regulations of this contract by culpable behaviour.
12.) in case of higher power or other unpredictable, unusual and blameless circumstances (e.g., operational disturbance, averages, official interventions, illnesses of the artist or, actor), even if these enter with presuppliers - It is to be agreed to the same conditions a new contract or appointment.
In short-term media appearances of our artists the artist from his contract is released. A new contract is to be agreed to the same conditions.
If an achievement fulfilment cannot occur for called reasons, the principal can assert out of this no compensation claims.
13.) The disregard of our payment terms gives to us the right to refuse other deliveries, until the buyer has fulfilled the existing obligations.


III. Prices

Our prices get on the in each case valid net price-list (without value added tax).
After completion of the contract the originating price changes which are caused by duties, taxes or other legal interventions or durck artist's social cash the principal recognises.

IV. Objections

1.) Is valid for programmes and performances:
The event agency Angelina Innocente is responsible for the realisation according to the contract. Discomfort upon defects are only recognised, if they are within 48 hours after appearance sent the agency Angelina Innocente.
2.) By deliveries of goods is valid:
Objections must occur in writing with us, namely at the latest within 3 days after receipt of the product. Objections towards the representative are not enough. They do not entitle the buyer to refuse the takeover of the documents and/or the product or the agreed payment or to charge with counterclaims which are not recognised expressly or are ascertained legally. The right of a fault rebuke goes out, if the buyer the product of the first destination further transported or worked on.
The buyer must keep the complained product properly without bringing for this some costs in charge.
With authorisation of the objection the buyer has the right to the decrease only after purification by arrangement with the shop assistant. Before purification no retention right exists. We are entitled, in any case to take back the complained product and to substitute with other, free of lack ones. The buyer has no right to rescind. The right is left with demonstrable missing of the spare delivery to him to the decrease or to the resignation.
Compensation claims of every kind against us or our representatives are excluded, as far as such an exclusion is legally allowed, that is in particular for other than coarse-careless or deliberate behaviour of the shop assistant or his representatives.


V. Retention of title

1.) The delivered product remains our property up to the full payment, however, it can be disposed by the buyer - provisory VII figures 7 - in the proper business concern or be processed. With payment difficulties of the buyer he may not dispose of the product standing under our property right any more without our explicit consent. Then the whole stock on hand from our deliveries - also the already paid-up is to be published - for the complete cover of our demands as a security to us.
2.) The wide disposal of the product which stands still in shop assistant's property may occur only in a manner which reserves furthermore the property to the shop assistant and protects. Besides, the buyer acts as a trustee for the shop assistant. All claims of the buyer against third buyers go at the time of the resale, namely by advance cession which the shop assistant accepts herewith, on the shop assistant. This is also valid for deliveries on account of future ends. The buyer is obliged by request, which to give shop assistant Auskunft about the whereabouts of the product and about the resale as well as about the collection of the demand. If the buyer of the goods delivered by us by processing, connection or mixture acquires property, he transfers this property already herewith on us with the possible specification that the handing over is substituted with the herewith grieved arrangement that the buyer keeps this object for us, namely up to the complete payment of the purchase price and our other demands from running calculation.
3.) The buyer is not entitled to load unpaid product or our protection property in any manner or to pledge. If we take back the product on account of the retention of title clause or for other reasons, there lies in it no resignation of the contract, but only the claim of securities. The buyer is obliged in such case to the return free of charge of the product.
4.) If an execution is pursued by the third side in our reservation or protection property or threatens even such, the buyer has to inform us immediately and to send us all necessary documents like security protocols. The buyer bears the costs of an intervention quarrel.
5.) The buyer is obliged by goods deliveries to insure of the unpaid product against fires and theft on the place for his calculation and to prove the end of the assurance to the shop assistant if requested.


VI. Payment

1.) The balance of our calculations has if by contract differently does not agree to occur through immediate payment to us within 5 days. All not before agreed deductions are inadmissible.
2.) The buyer is not authorised to charge against our or in future originating demands resulted from the business connection or to assert any retention right towards them. In particular complaints of the buyer influence neither payment duty nor maturity.
3.) Timely payment has occurred only if the shop assistant can dispose of the money with validity in the day of maturity on the account given by him.
4.) By disregard of the agreed payment terms ours become to all demands against the buyer without taking into consideration taken in changes, cheques, extension arrangements and other legal rights immediately due, the buyer is also without reminder in the default.
5.) On default or excess of the payment aim the shop assistant is entitled - regardless of his other legal rights - to calculate interests on arrears at the rate of 3% about the respective Central Bank minimum lending rate, due or deferred demands do not become due yet and to put other achievements on loan immediately.
6.) Turns out after end of the contract that the buyer with the fulfilment of other obligations to us gets towards in delay, his creditworthiness becomes dubious, is put his payments or is applied against him the opening of settlement proceedings or liquidation proceedings, we are authorised provisory of the assertion of other rights, in particular of our protection rights, to require the pre-payment of the whole purchase price or also securities for our choice for the owed sums. If the buyer rejects this desire, the right is entitled to us after choice to require either compensation because of non-fulfilment, or to withdraw from the bill of sale. Untill resignation has occurred, the shop assistant has the right to fetch back the delivered goods immediately and to require compensation. The buyer permits already herewith to the shop assistant the entrance of his camp for the purpose of the collection of the product. In every case all rights on other Vergünstigungen in price go out.
7.) The buyer is not entitled to the retention of the purchase price. The compensation against the purchase price is only allowed, as far as the counterclaims of the buyer are recognised by the shop assistant or are ascertained legally.


VII. Place of fulfilment and legal venue

1.) Place of fulfilment for deliveries and for the payment is our place of business.
2.) Legal venue is our place of business.
3.) The contract is defeated by the right of Spain to the exclusion of the collision right, in particular of the uniform UN-purchase right or other conventions about the right of the goods purchase.
4.) The customer agrees with the fact that we store personal data of the customer and transmit to a loan protection organisation.